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About | Brain & Body Recess

We are a Colombia City holistic wellness space that encourages optimal health, healing, recess, rest and restoration for all.

Why Recess?

As a unique health center focusing on personal growth and wellness, we aim to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as you create and embody the personal transformation of your mind, body, and spirit. 


Our experienced "Recess Guides" offer customized encounters that could include services such as breath work, movement and stretching, and down-regulation of the nervous system before or after each session. Other offerings include customized private yoga plans for that personalized transformative journey, on and off the mat. 


Trust our recess guides to monitor your growth and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle through yoga, massage, muscle stripping, chiropractic, or a harmonious mix of these and other healing Recess offerings. There is power in the now! Join us for a fun and informative consultation that will shift your health paradigm towards bliss.

Recess For All

We offer the community all our classes, services, and programs, including free and donation-based classes. Additionally, we provide a sliding pay scale and scholarships to accommodate everyone. We aim to ensure everyone can benefit from a rejuvenating Recess, regardless of their financial situation.

Be Sure to Check Our Special Offers!

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