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Brain & Body Recess
Now Open
in Columbia City

Grand Opening Introductory Specials!
(Please, only one of each per 1st Time Client only.)

Massage $1 per minute!

Yoga Classes $22 per week!

Chiropractic Adjustment $49 (Includes exam!)

For a limited time only!

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Brain & Body Recess
An Extraordinary Wellness Experience

At Brain & Body Recess, RECESS is no ordinary encounter but an integrative holistic experience with mindful licensed practitioners called "Recess Guides," who offer thoughtful, compassionate care.


Your personal Recess Guide will lead you through a fun, interactive, Complimentary Recess Consultation. Then, using that data, customize a mindful session or maintenance day, including chiropractic, massage therapy, yoga, breath work, meditation or healthy living education. 

Brian & Body Recess Grand Opening
Brain & Body-1_edited.png
Shoulder Treatment

Every member gets RECESS PERKS!

  • 4 Classes per month

  • Complimentary 
    Birthday Recess of Choice (chiro or massage)

  • VIP ACCESS To "Members Only" Special RECESS Events


Meditating on Beach

Break up with the STRESS
of the Hustle-n-Grind Culture

We live in a "GO HARDER" or "GET STRONGER" world. There seems to be no time left to RECESS, REST, and RESET.


At Brain and Body Recess, we encourage and empower you to JUST BE.

Addiction to grind culture can leave you mentally and physically exhausted, stressed, and dysregulated.

You feel out of balance, not to mention possibly being more vulnerable to experiencing dis-ease, depression, pain, and decreased capacity. 

Massage Brain & Body Recess

Recess Consultation 

YOU are the best part of Brain & Body Recess!
By reserving your Recess now, you can receive complimentary community classes, including non-heated yoga, dance, healing circles, vegan education, alignment-based yoga, recess yoga, and networking events.


Some of our special events and limited-time offerings, such as various workshops, yoga teacher training, and retreats, are not part of the complimentary community class selection.

However, we make all our classes, services, and programs available to the community, with free and donation-only classes. We also have a sliding pay scale and scholarships to accommodate as best we can. We want everyone to experience a healing Recess beyond the everyday grind.

BIPOC massage therapy recess

Schedule Your Recess Consultation

When you feel better, your capacity to stay calm, breathe, and feel safe and connected, even during dysregulation, stress, and pain, can improve.

Start with a Complimentary RECESS Consultation at  Brain and Body Recess to feel more balanced.

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