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Parnisia Thomas

Parnisia Thomas, BCTMB, LMP MT005671,RYT-500, is known as The Limbic Hacker. She is a Board Certified Sports Massage Therapist, Holistic Bodyworker, Muscle Stripping and Wellness Expert. Parnisia enjoys improving the vitality of her clients through increased body-awareness and self-care.

Most of her clients have chaotic lifestyles. What brings her joy is being able to be a positive outlet and to provide lasting solutions to help her clients find balance in the chaos. Having worked in the medical field over twenty years, Parnisia appreciates the importance of alternative healing as a complementary therapy.

Parnisia has obtained well over 1500 hours in training and continuing education. As an expert in her field, Parnisia Thomas has taught Massage Therapy in both college and private workshop settings for many years. Parnisia specializes in Sports Massage, Dr. Thomas’ Muscle Stripping Protocol, the Daucik Method, Postural Retraining, Fertility Massage, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, Limbic Hacking and Relaxation.

She is a gifted integrated massage expert. For years, she has been seamlessly combining massage techniques with energy healing for her clients. Taking her integrated massage techniques to another level, Parnisia has developed something new. It is unlike anything else.

The technique is Limbic Hacking and Parnisia is known as the Limbic Hacker. This is considered a Coaching Service as it requires the client and Parnisia to work together focused on resetting the brain link to the body, decreasing pain and increasing capacity. This is done by decoding negative emotions, events, conditions and past regrets through a series of assessments, holistic body work, exercises, affirmations, meditations, mindfulness techniques and more. Limbic Hacking can connect mind, body, spirit, and soul in ways most people will never experience in their lifetime.

Parnisia collaborated with “ The Running Doctor” Dr. John Thomas, D.C., on the innovative technique widely known as Dr. Thomas’ Muscle Stripping Protocol.; This deep tissue manual therapy breaks up adhesions (scar tissue) in the muscle fiber and has rehabilitated professional golfers and instructors, Olympic Runners, NFL and NBA Players, Triathletes, along with Cyclists and Marathon Runners.

Parnisia has collaborated with Spa owners to train massage therapists and she is highly trusted by many medical practitioners as a massage therapist and coach. Parnisia spends much of her time involved in causes and activities that empower girls and young women. Through her dedication to this cause she decided to develop her own organization. Her non-profit (High Heal Global), in the planning stages now, empowers girls and women by increasing their self esteem, enhancing life skills, spiritual formation, arts and self sufficiency through financial mentorship and technology training.

Parnisia’s Yoga instructor training includes:

● 200 hour at Urban Yoga Spa in Seattle in June 2019.

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