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Lauren Staal

Lauren began practicing yoga in 2017 to counteract the adverse effects of her desk job. Yoga helped her develop physical strength and flexibility and reset mentally. She found joy in learning new things and decided to share these benefits with others by becoming a yoga instructor.

In 2023, Lauren completed her yoga teacher training in Universal Yoga under the guidance of its founder, Andrey Lappa. Universal Yoga's primary tenant drew her to it. It centers not on the body but on concentration, attention, and inner awareness. By turning inward, practitioners can create a serene and stable inner atmosphere conducive to personal development.

A typical Universal Yoga asana class aims to balance the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental aspects of oneself by using body, breath, and mind. The class creatively integrates asanas, vinyasas, breathwork, and major ranges of mobility for the arms, legs, and spine. Lauren is now a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

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