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Faraji Bhakti

Faraji is an abolitionist who uses Somatic embodied practices to peel off the years of oppression he experienced through the foster care-to-prison pipeline. Working with the Seattle Public School District, Treehouse, and Team Child as an independent contractor is part of his service.

He is also the community engagement specialist for Yoga Behind Bars, a nonprofit based in Seattle. Poetry and spoken word are his passions, and he helps liberate incarcerated voices through a program called Underground Microphone.

In his words:

What is most meaningful to me is spreading my light to others. I do this compassionately through my spoken word poetry and leadership role modeling. In my community, there's been a missing link of unity. So, I show up as a student of the present moment to learn and meet people where they are on their journey.
The study of Self was vital for me to embark upon. My troubled mind couldn't be still enough to see the subtle signs. Through introspection, I started seeing the reflection of my divine Self. I realized what I struggled with; many in my community struggled with. We shared a lot of the same trauma, and trauma-informed practices were not offered at the places many of us were shuffled through.
So, I obtained my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification through Sarah Joy Marsh out of Portland, Oregon, and Trauma-informed yoga certification through Yoga Behind Bars. I use sound bowls and poetry in my practice and teaching because there are many ways for people to connect to higher Self-awareness.

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