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Chris List

Chris began regular, consistent yoga practice in 2001 during a challenging time in her life and never looked back. She practiced at Samadhi Yoga for 5 years with Eiric Øvrid. Through the years, she's been influenced by many interesting Seattle teachers, including Jo Leffingwell, Linda Hiller, and Denise Benitez.

Chris completed 200-hour teacher training with Bob Smith and Ki McGraw at the Hatha Yoga Center in 2009.She then worked as a clinic manager for a small family practice clinic in Ballard for 13 years, where she gained inspiration and knowledge. She has raised three children in the past ten years and taught yoga and mindfulness in juvenile and adult carceral facilities through Yoga Behind Bars.

My yoga practice informs my life, and my life informs my yoga practice. - Chris List

She believes that the path of yoga offers an abundance of superior and versatile tools and practices that are adaptable for every person in every circumstance. It is her passion and honor to share yoga with others, especially those who may not be served elsewhere in the yoga community.

Chris describes her teaching as eclectic. She incorporates invitational, accessible, trauma-informed principles with slow-flow Hatha yoga, which is informed by her ongoing commitment to strength training. She teaches according to the needs and wishes of the students in the room.

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